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updates 8/30/2022

- Made a separate file for the vipNex to avoid complications with original nex
- Added damage requirement to recieve drops from vipNex
- Made vipNex multi attacked
- Added combatscript for vipNex isntead of having to use orignal nex combatscript
- Decreased outragious 1 hit delete from kalphite king 10k down to 500
- Added more attack style for vipnex
- Re-open launcher to fix keybind issues
[PartyDemon Upgrade]
- Added proper combat system for Pdemon (Now attacks with AoE and different styles)
- Pdemon will now grant rewards to those who reach minimum damage of 5k
- After some test, i decided to give the rewards the moment pd dies
- No more chest and object interaction
- Removed the no inv space warning
- Items are dropped on floor when inventory is full
- Reward announcements were re-worded since it came from a chest but now direct to inventory or drop
- Added damage ranking announcement
[Oringinal Nex Upgrade]
- Added loot sharing with 3k minimum damage
[TheAssasin Upgrade]
- Minimum damage to obtain loot are set to 5k
- Added damage ranking announcement
- Fixed npc health that breaks when set over 32k, now npc health displays up to 2billion points
- Removed the message notification when reaching minimum damage to world bosses for suspense Big Grin
- Added the damage dealt message only when world boss dies rather than reaching minimum damage

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